Thursday, June 2, 2011

SouthPark TMI and thye Talk

I like to think of myself as a pretty darn good father I am involved, understanding, and tolerant if not patient. Maybe just maybe Southpark wasn't the best tool to use to give the talk to my ten year old but oh well.

The episode is called TMI and the kids mistake a chart on their growth in height for the last year for a chart on their penis size. So Sir Eric Cartman takes it upon himself to remeasure every boy in class, this of course sets the adults of this small yet socially important community on the offensive.

Just an Aside but one of the main reasons I grew my pirate beard is so I no longer resemble either the Pringles guy nor every adult male on Southpark.

Anywho, I was watching the show with my ten year old which i feel fine since we can discuss what is going on, when one of the fathers comes in front of the kids class to teach the kids about measurement,including a chart and talk about penis length. A little girl in the fourth grade class questions, "What's a penis?" and he answers a man puts his penis in a women's vagina SCREEEEEEEE!
the Earth stops turning on its axis all sound retreats into a black hole of ten year old curiosity.

With not a frightened,and not quite a grossed out but more of a concerned and devastated look Spencer my ten year old said, "that's where you put it?!" I guess penii are so important and ten year olds are so penis-centric that he couldn't possibly think it would be used in such a cootie filled way. Anyway I said, " I don't know ask your mom.

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