Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving on

I have moved on to twitter and realized I have a blog here so I should use it.

I am going to try to tell this damn story, however I cannot see how to possibly relate how freekin' funny it was.

Yesterday Lucas my 14 yr old son and I were watching television and playing with our one year old boxer/lab mix when I decided he needed a bit of a mani-pedi. The dog not Lucas. So I grabbed the clippers and started massaging his paws and clipping at mine in order to make Max more comfortable. We have had an issue with this little guy he doesn't like clippers and turns quickly from Mogwy to Gremlin when the clippers come out. I valiantly and if I must say very ninja like snuck in and got one claw clipped without him noticing, this earned me one of those angry sideways doggie looks that let's you know you are to stop what you are doing immediately. So I strove on never one to take direction especially from a 45 pound dog. "Luke lay on Max and hold his head so I can get his claws." I said innocently enough thinking my strong little man would be able to handle the situation.
WRONG Lucas straddles max covering the dog with his entire body and grabs his head so I could get to his claws I take the clippers and approach Max's front passenger side paw and begin to clip. In a flash and I mean faster than a flash and even faster than that. Max slips out from under Lucas leaving him face down on the bed and takes a seat up on his ass like an Egyptian Pharoah. I mean this dog made that boy his bitch it was all over no clipping just father and son sputtering and choking with tears running down their eyes as they laughed. I know I blacked out twice from the laughter and can barely hold it back now. The look on that little dogs face of complete dominance and pride could send armies into retreat and scare carnival clowns into giving up their identities as child molesters.

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