Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First New Word Vomit

Here is the first word vomit of my newest writing venture

Ghost Story

Amelia sat quietly listening to the cicadas and watching the young cardinals, still the color of old cardboard hopping from green heavy branch to the freshly mowed carpet of her grandmother’s lawn. The thick willow leaves at the edge of the lily coated pond rustled lightly in the late summer wind reminding Amelia that school and all the problems that came with it was just a few short weeks away.
Moving to a new school was always hard and the change to high school would be even harder. Pushing up on her palms Amelia lifted herself from the cool concrete bench where she liked to sit in the early mornings while leaning her thin back against the dewy morning's warming glass of Gram’s Greenhouse.
Cripping across the yard to the call of Gram’s, “Amy dear come in and eat something before we leave.” Amelia paused for a second as the feeling of being watched crawled up her spine like a humming bird flitting about a row of honeysuckles.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Port Chuck, Tea Parties, and Barbecue

Being a huge fan of the Soap Opera General Hospital (I named my sons Luke and Spencer) I of course had to get Diana and I tickets to see the band Port Chuck, made up of four guys from the GH, at Universal Orlando. Slowly but surely this as all things became a Colucci Family + Caravan of hilarity as First my oldest sister and mother then my "brother" John joined in which is great because then John can drive.

The best thing about John driving is watching my mother trying to climb into his bigger than big truck, this would be easier with a stool but is funnier with me lifting her up like lifting my malamute Chewie up onto the our bed while commenting about how big my boner is. You see mom is a youthful 70 something, I don't always know my age without doing the math so don't expect me to know anyone else's. Anyway digress is my middle name, well really its Raymond which was my dad's name but he is dead so I guess its not his name anymore. Damn back on track!

OK, back on track, as we near Orlando we decide to get dinner at a great BBQ place that serves 3lb buckets of meat at a destination called Rt 42 or 46 or something like that. As we pull up we see 40,000 cars in the parking lot, well maybe 200 and signs that a Tea Party Event was in full swing. I know, I love tea too in fact a good cup of double strong Earl Grey sounded perfect right then. pulling into the parking lot we asked one of the guys in the golf carts if he thought the restaurant was busy. Woot no, so park we did. Time was running short but Herman Cain was in attendance and I am a huge fan, I mean this guy ran Burger Kings and Godfather's Pizza as well as the National Restaurant Assoc. and one of the branches of the Federal Reserve, a guy I can believe in and who knows something about the backbone of this country, SMALL BUSINESS. Anywho, Carol (sis) got to shake his hand, she butted in while they were trying to set up his interview for local TV, she is that way. I didn't get to shake his hand but got to cheer, mostly by myself during his interview in a hope he would hear me and sweep me up in his campaign bus and drag me across the country to cheer behind him during interviews. I could be good at that. Well since I didn't get a handshake I licked the handshake of Carol's hand and haven't washed my tongue since. Dinner becomes less important so I won't mention it except to say the 5 of us shared two buckets of BBQ which was awesome.

On to Universal, I probably should have brought a wheelchair that was way too much for me and I payed for it for 5 days in bed with the worst syncope event yet lasting over 5 minutes. The concert was great and Carol acted like she was watching the Beatles in 1963 screaming and crying while I went from crowd to sitting on a stoop so I could black out in peace, then I would get up and go back to the group and be part of the fun.

I want to thank Steve (Jason Morgan) Burton for his wishing Carol Happy Birthday in response to my tweet. Carol turned 50 and in no way looks anywhere near it.

After....... feeling too "drunk" to go any further so maybe soon I will tell more about this night.