Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First New Word Vomit

Here is the first word vomit of my newest writing venture

Ghost Story

Amelia sat quietly listening to the cicadas and watching the young cardinals, still the color of old cardboard hopping from green heavy branch to the freshly mowed carpet of her grandmother’s lawn. The thick willow leaves at the edge of the lily coated pond rustled lightly in the late summer wind reminding Amelia that school and all the problems that came with it was just a few short weeks away.
Moving to a new school was always hard and the change to high school would be even harder. Pushing up on her palms Amelia lifted herself from the cool concrete bench where she liked to sit in the early mornings while leaning her thin back against the dewy morning's warming glass of Gram’s Greenhouse.
Cripping across the yard to the call of Gram’s, “Amy dear come in and eat something before we leave.” Amelia paused for a second as the feeling of being watched crawled up her spine like a humming bird flitting about a row of honeysuckles.

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