Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Open Letter to Family and Friends Warning Angry Rant.

Hello hope all is well most of you,

I am sick I have an invisible illness that affects me everyday and has completely destroyed my life and taken away most of the things I love.  I don't care anymore if you understand or not if you are too cruel to even try that is your problem not mine and I don't need you in my life. In truth there are some of you mostly one evil vicious family member that I care so little about just as she cares so little about others, that I couldn't care if she lived or died. There is another who has access to medical records who needs to keep her nose out of other peoples business or I will start naming names and go to the authorities remember I was a records person myself and know the rules and will have you and your drug using husband's ass on the street and childless.

Anyway here is how most of my days go I can barely do anything I am no longer allowed to work or drive not even allowed to take walks unchaperoned,  I am treated like a six year old.  If  I was to, wash dishes, or vacuum one room, or sweep I am done for the day.
Daily and multiply I have syncopes so debilitating that I not only black out but when I come to I feel as though I have hit my funny bone all over my body, this goes on for more than a minute and is very painful after that I can barely move for up to twenty minutes and am terribly weak.
Most of my day is spent waiting for episodes, especially if I have done anything that day and lost in a neuro fog that keeps me from really doing much of anything, reading, doing things on the computer etc.  That is why I only get on at certain times about an hour or two after a very bad episode I feel clear and capable for a short period of time.

Anyway how is that for a rant you barren bitch I hope you die in a fiery car accident along with your Eurotrash Husband Fuck you!!!!!!!!!

Much love to the rest of you,