Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Joe

Big Joe wasn't really big, not plump and not really tall, but he was bigger than Little Joe. Little Joe is Big Joe's dad, he's almost midget short and built like a stick pin. This morning Big Joe is out looking for work, any work he'll cook, he'll clean, he'll even lug scrap on his back, anything to help Little Joe pay the bills. At sixteen Big Joe gave up looking for jobs in the usual way, see no one was hiring so he just started ringing doorbells looking for odd jobs.

Big Joe has had a terrible morning he'd been yelled at, cursed, thrown, off properties, and chased by a very angry young shepherd who had barely enough work left for himself.
At the last house Big Joe had approached he was greeted by a sweet old lady who sicked her fat old chihuahua on him luckily Big Joe was a fast runner.

Being the end of the day Big Joe wasn't very eager to try another house, until he came upon a very pretty young mommy type washing her minivan in nothing more than a bikini top and the shortest of shorts. Big Joe was very shy being raised as he was, by Little Joe who had only kissed one girl in his entire life, his wife Medium Kathy. Still Big Joe girded what little loins he had and walked up to the lady and asked if she could use some help hoping for a little money afterwards.
The lady stopped sudsing the van and asked Big Joe if he could reach the top of the van and get that clean. He replied, "sure mam I am sure I could reach up there", then grabbed a sponge.

When they had finished and the minivan was all hosed off the lady invited Big Joe into her house telling him she was sure he was thirsty and that, "I have something for you inside."
Big Joe finished cleaning up the towels and sponges and put the buckets up by the house, then followed the lady inside. Once inside he found the lady with a glass of lemonade in one hand and without a lick of clothes on. This made Big Joe very angry for he had worked hard and seeing she had no pockets, knew for sure she had no money for him so he yelled, "thanks for nothing lady!" and ran out the door and all the way home.

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