Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Right thing to do?

There I was being a Social Libertarian yet a financial conservative, 15 years ago I took out long term disability insurance in case something happened, so as not to be a drain on society and the tax payer. Lo and behold, the insurance company Will force me to apply for SSI Disability and take the check to refill their coffers, isn't that lovely.

Anyway, as it turns out the insurance company does not agree that my passing out daily and being in a continued state of confusion and dizziness constitutes disability. Three doctors opinions stating this man cannot work are not enough for them so to the Lawyers I went. I had scheduled a meeting with a well known and very competent law firm (that is now suing Casey Anthony) for the day after I expected an answer from the insurance company. Needless to say they were unreachable that day and called on the morning of the meeting with my lawyer. That call did not go very well and amazingly I didn't call the girl on the other end anything which would compare her to sensitive parts of her body as I am want to do.

So on t the meeting with the lawyer which of course means more waiting atleast I had another life insurance policy to trade in so I can pay my bills. anywho YAY for me I shall go pass out now. I feel a real doozie coming on as I was active the last couple of days.

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