Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sir Ladle duLaq

A brave knight defending his family and aiding the helpless once carried a shining silver ladle of peace. With his mighty ladle he protected the land and all its inhabitants. He protected the children of the land from bullies and their own bad decisions with the aid of his mighty bat and glove. The knight protected his family and friends with his steely will, never ending strength and superior wit and wisdom coming to their aid in their times of need. He protected the world with acts of kindness and strength asking nothing in return.

Now the knight has been dishonored stripped of his ladle and left with naught but an ever decreasing handful of plastic spoons and the occasional spork (for jabbing at stuff). With his world left undefended and his manhood and lust for life gone the once mighty knight has struck out upon his trusty malamute Chewie to right the wronged and help the helpless, that is as long as he has a spoon left, otherwise he is bedridden and napping.

To be continued.....

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