Saturday, January 30, 2010

Frozen Iguanas

It seems that due to our recent cold snap we have an awfully fun new way to sicken dogs:
frozen iguanas.

Step 1
Drop the temperature to around nipple freezing, which coincides with iguana freezing temperatures quite nicely for our purposes.

Step 2
Wait around until your iguana freezes.

Step 3
Lovingly allow your cute little doggy-woogums to frolic in the browning outdoors amongst the intolerant tropical style plants until it comes upon an iguanasicle.

Step 4
Doggy-woogums chews on the iguanapop gets sickened and if not treated quickly can become paralyzed, which kinda sucks when you are a dog.

Ain't Florida just the funnest place!

Who Loves You,


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